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While industry trends are an important aspect of our design, we recognize the most important factor for any list is how well our cocktails are received.  The focus of our work is to produce a well received list offering a wide array of options for your clientele.  After customizing the perfect list to suit your needs, we cater to the education of your staff, helping them to learn the subtle nuances that create memorable cocktails.



Welcome to Our Page

Smoke and Mirrors Cocktail Co. was created in the summer of 2011 to answer the ever increasing need for hand crafted cocktails in the San Diego area.  With the quickly burgeoning cocktail scene in Southern California on the rise, a public thirsty for well designed drinks, and restaurant owners recognizing the value of an established spirits program, Smoke and Mirrors Cocktail Co. has emerged as a dynamic leader in the field.

Cocktail lists and spirits programs in whole are an ever evolving entity.  As the need for seasonal cocktails change and new products are brought to the market, we will assist your staff in keep up with the curve.  We believe that the success of a program lies with the knowledge of those selling the product.  Proper ongoing training is essential to this philosophy.


Cocktails are nothing without the bartenders that create and mold them.  We encourage confidence, creativity, and open ears.  With our Polish and Protect Plan your staff grows with your custom bar programs.  Learning new techniques, skills, service standards and products  to create an evolving cocktail experience that people crave.